Monday, March 31, 2008

My latest projects ~
Well, I've been painting like crazy since I decided this past week to participate as a vendor at the Spring & Home Garden Show at the Perry Fairgrounds this coming weekend in Perry, GA!

I have had stacks of old windows hanging around waiting to be painted and it's amazing how much I get done when I really need to get it done!

Tulips & butterfly

This canvas is huge - 24 x48. I used the High Definition paint and it has such a beautiful shine to it. It's gallery wrapped with a wide edge on the side so would look great not framed and hung.

Cala lilies

Another HD paint 12x12 Canvas
What flower does this look like to you??? It was just in my head and had to come out ~ not sure if it is a particular flower but I like it.

On this window I painted dogwood and then added dogwood and leaves that I made out of the new Studio Home Dimensions Clay. I love it, it's unexpected and just jumps off the window! Click on the window for a larger view!
I did another one with grapevines and grapes and added some clay to the side but it's not finished so I'll share that with you later.

Hope you have a great week. I'll be in every now and then this week posting my latest creations. I do hope to also get by and check out my favorite blog friends. I so appreciate all of your visits!

My little newphew had a birthday yesterday - 3 yrs. old! Oh my, how time goes by so quickly!
Have a safe trip to TN this week sister to see our other sister! Wish I were able to go as well.


joan said...

I love what you have done here. The first window with the colorful flowers is gorgeous.

Sandi McBride said...

They're all so beautiful. The huge pink old fashioned Rose...yes, that's what I think it is. They're all just too lovely

Rosemary said...

Beautiful windows Sandy!!

Kim said...

ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS, as ALWAYS! I hope one day I can CREATE like you. I just don't get those things in my head! You are truly an inspiration! Hugs ~ Kim

Nerissa said...

Good luck with the show. I know you'll do fabulously. I really like the window with the dogwood.

Sharon said...

especially love the last window with dogwood. nice!

Sugar Bear said...

Beautiful creations! The windows are gorgeous. I bet you'll sell right out!

Julie said...

OM Gosh! I am doubley disappointed about something now. I was suppose to go to Perry GA. this weekend because my show horse was going to make his debut at the Pro-AM show there. My trainer got the flu though and we had to cancel. I could have actually met you and seen your beautiful work in person... boo hoo :0(

Anonymous said...
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Katrina Chambers said...

WOW! The glass window paintings are my fav!!

Anonymous said...
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Linda said...

Love the Lillies. I really like them on Canvas and those are my colors.
Love ya,

Daughter of the King said...

Love the Tulips on the window...I think it is my favorite, if there is such a thing, your work is beautiful.

Charlie McGee said...