Monday, November 05, 2012

Face Painting and Christmas Made In The South Show

Kendall and his girlfriend Jennah went Trick or Treating with some friends and she was a doggie ~ so of course I painted her face for her and then Kendall - just with a yellow face to match his banana suit which was hilarious!

 Nicole and I participated in the 20th Annual Christmas Made In The South Show - our first time ever and had a wonderfully successful show!
Everyone loved the ornaments, signs, tiles, etc. and we got lots of positive feedback from the vendors that have been coming for YEARS as well as the customers that continually told us we had the best booth there! That's always nice to hear!

Nicole's daughters Lexi and Katie work for us each year to set up, tear down, and work during the show but they also work very hard before all of that prepping signs, making bows and ribbons for the ornaments and well I just can't thank them enough for all of their hard work and all that they do to make our events such a success.  Debbie (the girls grandmother) worked for us taking all payments which really helped out!! We decided this was the year to take credit card payments and decided the PayPal swipe was the best for us - and it certainly WAS! Worked every time without mishap and the records it keeps for us is amazing! Inventory, sales history, etc. all right there.
Think it saved our sales as well ~ lots of people paying with credit card.

Set up was one day ~ we had gotten quite spoiled with the two day set up at Mistletoe Market but everyone chipped in and knocked it out!! Lex, Katie, Andy, Mo, Steven, Nicole and I got it all up and ready in very little time!

The event was Friday - Sunday and we had an absolute blast! Laughed more than I think we have at any other show and the celebrity siting - we think Honey Boo and her family came through the show.


Nicole & Lexi

Katie, Me, Nicole, Lexi and Debbie

Now it's crunch time to get ready for Mistletoe Market in Perry, GA November 16-18. Hope all our local friends and surrounding states come out and see us! It's a great SHOW!

Have a great day!

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