Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mistletoe Market 2011 & being a bad blogger!

So first I'll start with the Mistletoe Market - this was our 5th year at the MM and it's always a lot of work but also so much fun! We have such a wonderful response to our creations and honestly that makes it all worth it! We have some fabulous repeat customers that come year after year to have new ornaments or tiles made and we love to see and hear people say "oh this is the one I got last year...or the year before!"

There is no way we could do the event without the help of Nicoles family - Lexie has always been such a worker bee helping the customers and we knew after last year when Katie helped us out that we'd need both of them this year! They were great and so helpful with the customers ~ making sure they got the exact ornament with the all the extras that they wanted! (she has a lot of help behind the scenes from family & friends that is invaluable and for that I know we are both grateful!) All my boys came and helped us get out of the venue in record time at the end of the event - packed and loaded in 45 minutes!

Nicole and I didn't stop painting pretty much from the moment we got in there til the moment we left each day. None of use really ate anything and kept our liquid intake to a minimum cause we really had no time to go to the ladies room either. Today was the first day I've actually felt like myself again! Two days to set up for the 3 day event and two days to recover!

After such a fabulous year we decided we needed to expand our booth and are hoping for a 10x30 space next year as well as getting a website up for all those customers that continually ask us if we have a website so that they can order later. We're working on it so make sure to check back soon as you know I'll post it on my blog!

Now on to the bad blogger.....I cannot believe I haven't posted on my blog since the beginning of the month. It's been busy to say the least and on top of that I had another birthday so I'm a year older, a bit slower and well, have to make more lists so that I can remember what I need to do!

Life is good! I have the most amazing family - supportive husband that is my biggest cheerleader! Three fabulous boys that work hard at school and in their down time fill our home with LOUD NOISE - oh, I mean music! Huge amps, electric guitars, drums, bass and more! But I love to hear them play (more so when I recognize the song they are playing) and couldn't be a prouder momma!

I'm thankful that my parents live close by again and they get to come and visit us often!!
I'm thankful that I adore my in-laws (I have so many friends that don't have that same blessing)!!
I am thankful for my sisters and their families and my hubbys siblings and their families!
I'm thankful for all of my family!
I'm thankful that I LOVE what I do (painting) and that I get to share that with people and students that I adore!
I'm thankful that after 44 years I can admit when I am wrong and know how to say I'm sorry.
I'm thankful I know how to forgive and when necessary ask for forgiveness.
I'm thankful for all my dear friends that love me despite of all my faults and are always there for me!
I truly am blessed beyond measure and for that I am forever thankful & grateful!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
As I do I hope you will to think about what it is you are thankful for!
We only have one life to live so ask yourself if you are living yours to the fullest? Are you doing what you need to do in this life to be the best YOU can be?
Are you doing what you need to help your children become the best they can be with your guidance and unconditional love?
Are you thankful for what you have even if it isn't everything you want?
These are questions I've been asking myself these last few months and just thought I'd throw them out there for you to think about too.

Have a wonderfully BLESSED week and for my US friends a very Happy Thanksgiving!


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