Monday, October 10, 2011

~ Painting Updates ~
Can't believe how many week it's beens ince I updated my blog! Terrible of me I know.
Here is what I've been busy doing ~
My son's friend asked me months and months ago to paint him the cover of one of Metallica's albums and of course I said yes....well I really procrastinated about it because honestly I wasn't sure if I could paint it like he wanted.   Well, my sons friend found out he was moving and my son asked that I get it painted so he could give it to him as a going away gift. It's on an 18x18 wrapped canvas and well, no my norm when it comes to painting but I love the way it turned out. I also put glow in the dark paint on it so it glows when the lights are out!  All of my sons and his friend responded with  "that's SICK" which translates I guess to "that's awesome".

Earlier last month I had the pleasure of having a private paint day with my friend Patty!  She painted the SeaOats in wOils while at Donna Dewberry's Summit this past summer and wanted to paint it BIGGER for her daughter for Christmas.  She had some pictures of some beaches she had gone to and one had a sailboat so of course we added that to her painting.    She was so excited and couldn't keep the surprise from her daughter so she's already gotten the gift! Just like me! Hard to hold on to something you want to give but are too excited about it to WAIT! 

I also got to have a private painting day with my friend Glo! She was signed up for classes and a few months back and then ended up in the hospital. There were days they honestly weren't sure if she was going to make it and if she did might have life lasting complications. Scared me big time!     I was thrilled that they finally figured out what was going on (pretty much so) and she made a full recovery!    We spent the day painting one of the projects she missed the vase with hydrangea and then she had a craft fair coming up so we painted a plaque that she could easily replicate (quickly) for that event and then personalize for the customers.

Hope you have a FABULOUS day!! Sandy

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