Sunday, October 17, 2010

 Under Construction
So....we've been busy with an extension on the back of our house.  A first for us and so far everything is going very well.  We are extending our useless Florida room into a larger room about 400 sq. ft. actually. The room wasn't very functional as the area that lead from our bedroom into the Florida room was basically a hallway and then the other end was pretty much a square which we would have turned into maybe a gaming room but there were no cables out there for a tv.   We ended up putting the boys guitars, amps, microphone and speakers out there along with a bunch of my painting and creating supplies! Way too packed for all of that.  Here are some pics so far! Looking forward to having it done and having more room - which I know I will have no problem filling up ~ lol!

They've gotten all the fans back up and have painted the walls and mouldings around the walls - will update with some pictures later! 
Have a fabulous day!

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Looking good!