Monday, March 15, 2010

TOO MUCH Spring Cleaning,
A fun day with my friend Kim,
some awesome Certifications and
my oldest is now 16!!

How's that for a blog post title??
Been busy with so much but let me catch you up just a bit -
got bitten by the spring cleaning bug early and woke up this past Saturday READY to clean, organize and just get things moved and clutter free! Hubby was THRILLED by this mood I woke up in and was very on board and ready to get rid of some stuff!! So wish I had taken before photos - and the after still isn't worthy of photos - have I mentioned before how much STUFF I have? too much actually!

Thought this picture of my doggy Becks pretty much summed up how I felt on Saturday after a FULL day of cleaning!

My friend Kim won a drawing to come and spend the day with me creating with clay and painting! We created these two gorgeous projects and had so much fun just chatting and getting to know each other better.

I had a Clay Certification earlier in the month and had 6 fabulous ladies attend! They were so into all the projects and just created away - soaking in all the information! We had a blast!

Then last week I had a three day Level 1 One Stroke Painting Certifications with 3 fabulous ladies! They all did a fabulous job!!

So hard to believe that my oldest is now 16 years old!! After church we went to one of our favorite restaurants - Cheddar's and then later in the evening had some yummy chocolate cake and ice cream. I snuck away for an hour to pop over to my friend - Nicole's 40th b-day party! Our oldest is such a gentle, sweet and loving boy! I could brag on him so much!! He's incredible and I just adore him!
Love this picture of my hubby and son taken yesterday!

Great news to hear today too that my grandmother doesn't have to have knee surgery right now. Doctor will look next week and see if it's something that should happen and when but he's not rushing it which is great news!!

Have a fabulous week!


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Happy Birthday A!