Monday, December 07, 2009

December Classes have begun
I had a fabulous kids painting and clay class this weekend. We painted a Crafty Wave project and then created snowflakes out of Studio Clay. The girls did such a wonderful job on their penguins and their snowflakes and wanted to make more more more! With only 2 hours in the class though we finished one sled and one snowflake.

We're painting on glass today and tonight in paint class. We're painting a chickadee on these awesome glass blocks and painting the inside with Hologram Extreme Glitter . The ladies can also choose to put lights in them as well to make the really shine!

I spent 3 days last week in Florida painting/creating with my friend Donna and she did some amazing projects that are part of the One Stroke Painting January Summit in Florida! I love them all and know that the attendees will as well!

Well, it's time to get ready for paint class and get my boys up and ready for the day! I LOVE Mondays ~ they have no school on Mondays and it really has had a positive affect on my household! Things are relaxed and seem very smooth - the boys all have A's so the shortened week hasn't effected their grades at all.
Have a fabulous day!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Why are the school days shortened?
I am sure the boys can get everything
done in the shorter week but isn't
there a state law requiring a number
of days needed in the school year?
Or is this due to the economy right