Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm Home!

I had so much fun in Florida but it's nice to be home with my family!! I went to a painting certification and learned so much! April N. from California was our instructor and she is an incredible person and such a talented artist.

Then I got the pleasure of taping with my friend on her TV show. I'll post when they go live online with the new shows ~ I was so nervous but ended up having the BEST time! You can check out Donna's show online at it's an Orlando station that is shown on TV in the local Orlando area but online everwhere else. It's a live feed so you have to look at the schedule to see when Create with Donna is on and then click on the screen. Anyway, it's was awesome to create and be INSPIRED and just hang out and have fun. Then we attended a Healthy Chocolate event which was fun to meet some of the people whose names I've heard but haven't met before. It was also cool to hear that the Candian govt. has labeled the product with all the health benefits of the product - something I hear takes a long time to have done but they saw the incredible benefits of the product and listed it as such! Totally cool. If you don't know what I'm talking about you can click on the Healthy Chocolate link on my sidebar and learn about the yummy chocolate that has the top two antioxidants on the planet.

With my hubbys help all of my laundry is done from my 10 day trip but now I have to attack the studio and all the fun stuff I brought home from my certification and all the goodies I took down to demonstrate on Donna's show. Some I haven't posted yet so I'll try and get those together and get pictures up.

SPRING SPRUNG while I was gone. I was gone 10 days and in that time I came home to blooming trees and bees and bugs buzzing around ( I don't like that part of SPRING). Hubby took all the plants out of the garage and put them back on the porch and the curb appeal has returned! Yippee. My front porch was looking so bare and plain and I'm ready for VIBRANT colors to bloom and pretty it up even more.

Hope you have a fabulously INSPIRATIONAL day ~ be inspired & inspire others!!

Blessings, Sandy


Linda said...

So glad you had fun. The picture is great, you look nice. If our weather is coming your way you better get those plants off the porch.. We had 70-80 degree weather and now it is 32. ugh!
Love ya,

Sugar Bear said...

Welcome home!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Welcome home!!1 So glad you had so much fun...m..

Julie said...

Glad you had so much fun!! Sounds like a great trip!