Thursday, April 04, 2013

Busy week of painting!!

Enjoying having two of the boys out on Spring Break. One is working lots and the other has been hanging out with me. We've been walking everyday (not today - it's raining and cold) and just chillin without any real plans. It's nice to just be home and well.....paint for FUN!
I have 1000 and 1 things that really need to be done but it's been nice to just veg and paint and hang out!

It started with a painting that I did late last year ~ these hydrangeas.  They've been whispering at me for months now to repaint them a different color! Well, the whispers turned into a shout and I finally took em off the wall and repainted them. Love the new color!! I'm working on a pattern packet for these and will have it up on my website soon! I love the vintage look of the first hydrangeas but really wanted to paint some purple ones so broke out the wOils and got busy! Changed the leaves up a bit to match the colors better and am quite pleased with the results.

I had way too much paint left on my palette so I decided to paint some other things that I've wanted to do for some time now.
I've loved this picture on Pinterest for sometime now ~ it's of a sunflower standing tall and proud in a misty field of sunflowers. The background is soft and subtle and I was excited to get it painted. Once it's dry I'll go back and add a bit more of the "foggy" "misty" look with medium and white.
I love these odd shape canvases they carry at Michaels Craft Store.

Then it was back to hydrangeas. I have quite a few mason jars so I got one of my favorites and put it on the counter - it was filled with buttons but I knew it was gonna end up painted with hydrangeas in it!
Think this one might end up as a class or just a pattern packet on my website. Then I continued the hydrangeas with a scrolled vase.

The Art Of Lettering video that I taped while in Vegas at Vegas Paints Convention is now up on Interactive Artist Magazine!  I've been touched that so many have messaged and emailed me letting me know how much they enjoyed it and that they learned a lot. That's is always nice to hear!
If you don't subscribe yet, I recommend you do so!! Click on the picture above to visit their site! There is a lot of inspiriation to get you painting!!

I painted some roses that I thought I was gonna give to my friend for her birthday however, I wanted something different. I painted a new painting and will post that soon! 


I posted some new ePackets on my website - click on the picture to shop now!! Hoping to get some of these new ones posted soon! 
Hope you have a great day!!