Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday Painting Classes ~
whew! I'm exhausted. Taught two painting classes today - had a blast at both!
We painted Tulips at the first class and almost everyone had theirs framed afterwards as HL is having a 50% off frames this week. Didn't take pictures of those but did manage to get Terry's pic taken with hers. She picked out this frame for my picture and I love it plus it was only $20.00 for the frame and $1.00 for them to secure the canvas in the frame and finish the back. AWESOME deal!
Mauri - Gorgeous! The tulips are pretty too! hehe

Terry has painted many things and I think this is by far my favorite thing she's painted!
The frame has a bit of red on it and it really makes the orange, yellow and red tulips POP!

Love those pastel tulips - perfect for SPRING and Easter.

This was Sharlee's first class and isn't it just amazing?! BEAUTIFUL!

girlfriend you were funny today!
Vaunna took her time and I was afraid she wasn't gonna get done in time but she pulled through in the end and got it finished. Awesome job Vaunna!

Nicole ~
She painted her tulips pastel as well to go next to her Easter tree ~ aren't they fabulous!

Joeli ~
I'm so proud of you Joeli - the best I've seen you paint! Those tulips are unbelievable!

Heather was at class too but I didn't manage to get a picture of her before she had to run out of class to get her oil changed in her car and I think get gas and get to her son at Mommy's day out. Her tulips are gorgeous though and I'm hoping to get a picture of her painting tomorrow.
Evening Painting Class ~ Wisteria & Rosebuds
Connie -
It was quite nice having 2 people in class and being able to show them different techniques and different ways to use the strokes they learned in class to make additional flowers.
Both of the ladies are so sweet too and they did so well!
Connie got hers framed as well after class but didn't manage to get a pic of that but here she is with her finished painting and project folder! AWESOME!
Lisa ~ I actually forgot to get her picture before she "ran" out of class and got hers framed! The frame is almost as gorgeous as the painting!
Great job Lisa!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday's Class ~ birdhouses
What a fun and busy class I had today. We painted birdhouses and they were all different and so pretty. They all did so well don't you agree?


Carmen is so quiet and so sweet.
This is her granddaughter Sierra. This was Sierra's second class and she has a natural artistic ability!


Alice ~
wonder how many orders your family is going to put in for birdhouses? Beautiful!

She took off work today just to come to class!
Awesome job Kim ~ I've inluded pictures of mine below for ya.

Mauri - she jumped right in and painted a blue bird on hers ~ isn't it gorgeous!

Joeli ~
Joeli does better than she thinks she does. Plus, she is an absolute RIOT to have in class.

Nicole ~
She got all of her sides painted and the flowers were all so dainty. Here is a close up of one of the sides she painted with daffodils and tulips and ladybugs (can you see them?)

Nicole also went home after class last Wednesday when we painted pansies and painted these! Aren't they gorgeous?!
You need to paint them on canvas and frame them now.

here are photos of my project piece - Joeli won this in the drawing that I do at each class.

back of the birdhouse
Side views

front of the birdhouse

I got a new toy this weekend. An electric laminator. Did you know they were so compact? Did you know they only cost $19.99 at Wal-Mart? I was using my Xyron to laminate my class worksheets and at $32.00 a pop for those cartridges it was getting quite expensive. Now, you have to purchase the laminate folders to put your documents but they were reasonably priced as well. HUGE difference too on our painting practice worksheets today! They were much easier to practice on, a bit stiffer quality and the paint didn't bead up on us.

We had a busy sports weekend. Kendall went to Atlanta for a soccer tournament and they won their first game, lost their second and third games so came home much earlier yesterday then we thought they would. Austin had a basketball game Saturday and they won which was great.
It's 75 degrees outside today! My windows are open - they sure do need a good cleaning - blinds have way too much dust on them and the sills need to be cleaned as well. I'm ready for spring just not spring cleaning!

Have a blessed week!

Friday, February 23, 2007


As soon as the boys got off the bus they ran in and helped me do the drawing for the two pieces of ART I wanted to share and giveaway.
Holland mixed all the comments up in the jar and Kendall picked them out ~ and



I want to thank all of you that left comments and participated! You know what they say....It isn't yours until you give it away! Now, these two pieces of ART will be coming your way ~ Oma and Jeannie.

I've been a bit busy painting as usual. My brother in law got these cupboard doors from somewhere and I encouraged him to make them either into chalkboards or trays ~ he got them painted up to be chalkboards. He put these great vintage hinges on them to attach to the wall. I added a bit of my painting on them with sunflowers and a rooster.

Taught a class on Monday ~ we painted pansies - one of my all time favorite flowers to look at and paint! The ladies all commented that they thought this was one of the hardest they've done so far but they all did so well!
We painted on these really cute letter boxes that had a lazy susan type spinner on the bottom! They were a pain to basecoat but fun to paint on.






Then Wednesday evening I taught another class and we painted TULIPS! I had my first male student in class and he did so well as did everyone. Ray was the lucky winner of the drawing - my project piece that I painted in class.





she didn't want to be in the picture but I did want to share how well she did on her tulips. She actually asked me to do a class on tulips last month so I did this class just cause she asked for it!



I faux finished all of the canvas before class time as it wouldn't have finished drying in time to get our piece done in two hours. Can you believe that that is all the time these students have and they paint these amazing projects.Never ceases to amaze or delight me!

Haven't been keeping you updated - lost 3.2 lbs last week at WW. So, I'm just under 10lbs. Didn't get to go today but hope next weeks weigh in is just as good as last!

Have a great weekend! I've got 3 painting classes next week I have to get ready for. I did manage to get some pictures sent off to be developed so that I can get back to scrapbooking!

Monday, February 19, 2007

I've been inspired ~
by Sharon and MaryB and all the other ladies giving away their ART! (heART) and I wanted to join in the fun of sharing and giving away my stuff too. is all you have to do ~ leave me a comment. If you don't have a blog you can put in as anonymous but I need you to type in your name after your comment.
I'll be drawing on Friday once the kids get home from school so they can help me draw names. There will be two give aways - one for the Daffodil plate and one for the violets painting on canvas. I'll ship it worldwide too! Family can enter too! hehehe



Had a great painting class this President's Holiday Monday.

We painted heart vine wreaths and rosebuds on mirror tiles.

Here is Vaunna with hers - gorgeous!
Awesome job on the weight loss too - she's loss 19lbs. since the beginning of the year. Way to go!

Nicole ~
She finished her tile as I knew she would so I brought everyone a canvas to start on and paint with an oval vine wreath and rosebuds.

So sorry to hear about your flooded basement (studio) hope you are able to paint in there soon!

This is Katie ~ Nicole's daughter
Poor Katie your mom and auntie were giving you such a hard time!
You did so well - and I didn't see you look in that mirror once!hehehe.

Mauri ~
Absolutely beautiful!
You are an absolute riot girl! A pleasure to have in class as are all you ladies that attend of course!!

Mary Jane ~
Mary Jane probably did know what she got her self into with this wild bunch of ladies! Hope she had fun though.
Didn't she do an awesome job?!

Alice -
Gorgeous as usual! I might have to stop posting your picture or you aren't gonna find a moment to sleep with all those orders from your family! Awesome job though ~ I'm so glad you are taking what you learn in class and making gifts for your friends and family!